Dentures are removable plates or frames that hold artificial teeth. They are a quick, non-invasive tooth replacement option that helps to improve your bite and restore your smile. Dentures can be partial or full. Partial dentures replace only some of the missing teeth in either your top or bottom arch whereas full dentures replace all of the teeth on the top and bottom gum. All dentures are custom-fit, which means that they are specific to your mouth. Dentists make them match your existing teeth so that they look natural.

When Do You Need Dentures?

Patients in Petaluma, California, typically require dentures when they have one or more missing teeth. Replacing multiple teeth with other methods, such as crowns, is feasible. However, many patients find it easier and more affordable to simply get dentures.

There are also some oral health signs that it might be the right time to get dentures. 

  • Severe toothache: Sometimes, you can experience a toothache that won’t go away. Usually, this is a sign of decay which could signal the necessity to remove teeth from your mouth to prevent the spread of infection. In many cases, teeth decay beyond the point of salvage, necessitating tooth replacement options, such as dentures. 
  • Red and swollen gums: Inflamed gums are another sign that you might require dentures. Usually, gums swell up because of gum disease. In the early stages, gum disease is relatively easy to treat, but once it goes below the gum line, it becomes much more difficult to combat and can lead to bone loss. Usually, the only solution is to remove the offending tooth and replace it with a prosthetic, such as dentures. 
  • Difficulty chewing food: Perhaps you have lost several teeth already and there are gaps in your mouth, making it difficult to chew your food. Here, again, dentures can help by restoring your teeth’s natural biting surface. This allows you to chew your food properly, helping to increase enjoyment at mealtimes and improving digestion. 

Benefits Of Dentures

Here are some of the benefits that patients living in Petaluma, California, can expect from getting dentures. 

  • Improvements in your appearance and smile
  • Extra support for your facial muscles
  • Enhancement of your self-esteem
  • Improved ability to eat a greater variety of foods that you couldn’t without dentures
  • Easily remove dentures to clean them at night once you finish using them
  • Comfortable and supportive fit with low chance of falling out
  • Improved speech due to the presence of additional teeth in the mouth
  • Covered by most dental plans

Losing a lot of your teeth can cause your facial muscles to sink and sag. Over time, they lose tone, making your jaw appear longer and more gaunt. However, dentures effectively mimic the presence of natural teeth, allowing you to strengthen facial muscles and restore your facial shape – one of the main reasons patients in Petaluma, CA, so often choose them. 

You can also use dentures to increase the variety of food you’re able to eat. With a proper chewing surface, you no longer have to only eat soft foods or purees.  Schedule your appointment today!