Have you found yourself experiencing a great deal of pain or stress in your jaw, face, or head? If so, then you may have TMJ, also known as TMD.

What is TMJ/TMD?

Your temporomandibular joint is where your jaw bone connects with your skull bone. This is what is often shortened to TMJ. TMD refers to a temporomandibular joint disorder or problem. When this joint experiences dysfunction, it can be uncomfortable and even painful. Some common signs of TMD are popping and clicking in your jaw, your jaw locking up, or difficulty chewing or opening your mouth widely.

What Causes TMJ/TMD?

Some common causes of temporomandibular joint problems include stress, grinding your teeth, bad posture, misalignment of jaw or teeth, arthritis, and excessive chewing. All of these things can put excessive stress on your jaw and cause you to have discomfort, pain, and even headaches.

Treatment Options

Our dental office is dedicated to helping you improve your oral health and eliminate any pain or discomfort you may be feeling. Because of this, we have a variety of treatment options for you. Some common ways to eliminate or manage TMJ/TMD is to reduce stress in your life, avoid foods or habits that involve a lot of chewing, and make efforts to improve your posture. Other more serious treatment options include physical therapy, a mouthguard or other oral devices, or botox.

Botox for TMJ and Headaches

Most people think that Botox is only used to eliminate wrinkles and to help provide people with younger-looking skin. But it also can be used to help reduce soreness and tension that you are experiencing in your jaw. This can in turn help eliminate or reduce the intensity of any headaches you may be having.

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