It is common for patients who suffer from any kind of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. As a result, will also suffer from tension headaches and migraines. At Von Chan DDS, we have helped many patients in the Petaluma, California, area using Botox for Migraine Management and TMJ Therapy. Many, when thinking about Botox, tend to only know about how it is used to tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles in the face. Although many take advantage of Botox for that reason, others have benefited from Botox as a muscle relaxer to elevate pain. The neurotoxic protein botulinum is produced from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. This protein, when injected, prevents neurotransmitters from going off, which usually tells the brain that there is pain. Botox causes flaccid paralysis in the nervous system where it was injected.

Botox for Migraine Management

Tension headaches and migraines are caused by someone constantly grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw. More often than not, grinding and clenching happen while we are unaware of it, particularly when we are sleeping. Tension from grinding and clenching can create tension in muscles and nerves and then be sent up to the brain. 

By injecting Botox into certain facial muscles, our professionals will help muscles relax so tension cannot build. Botox is a quick and safe non-surgical procedure that can only be administered by a certified dental or medical professional. Botox procedures are safe and very minimally invasive and allow you to continue going about your day right after the procedure. 

After undergoing a botox procedure to manage migraine pain, it is important to note that symptoms will not subside right away, it might take a few days. Some improvements might not be seen until a week later. 

Although a single procedure consisting of botox injections is guaranteed to provide some relief, relief isn’t completely permanent. For patients who suffer from severe tension headaches and migraines, we would suggest that you continue to receive injections. 

Botox for TMJ Therapy

If jaw pain has become an everyday part of your life, we are here to tell you that, that is not normal. Some of your frequent pains may include: 

  • Headaches
  • Tenderness around the ear 
  • Muscle pain in upper back, neck, and shoulders 
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw 
  • Difficulty opening mouth to yawn or chew 

Each one of these is a sign that you could be suffering from a TMD. Some common causes of this disorder are stress, bad posture, clenching and grinding your teeth, and misalignment of the jaw and teeth. Clenching and grinding cause the jaw to be overworked and as a result, they can start to spasm and become fatigued. 

In some cases, TMD can go away with the reduction of stress and avoiding habits that would continue to inflame the joints. But in other cases, where symptoms persist, we might suggest more interactive treatments such as botox. 

Botox is a muscle relaxer, so once injected into certain facial muscles, it will prevent neurotransmitters from being sent to the brain that signal pain. 

Benefits of Receiving Botox from a Dental Professional

Although medical professionals also administer botox, there are clear benefits to why seeing a dentist might be your best option. 

  • All dentists, due to their training, are specialists in orofacial structures. In their training, dentists study in-depth facial muscle movements which provide them extra knowledge in knowing which muscles to relax to relieve tension and pain. 
  • If you are clenching and grinding, along with receiving botox, other oral appliances can be created to relieve pain while also saving the anatomy of your teeth. 
  • For our patients who want a botox treatment, but suffer from anxiety, we can offer minor forms of sedation anesthesia.
  • Due to their constant practice of injecting local anesthetics for restorative purposes, they are extremely practiced in injections. 

Speak to Our Team about Botox for Migraine Management and TMJ Therapy

To give the patients of Petaluma, California the very best possible care, each one of our team members has been trained and educated on botox injections and their benefits. If you have any questions or concerns regarding botox we would encourage you to get in touch with a member of our team