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Enhanced Safety for Our Patients and Team

Sanitized & Purified Water

This COVID-19 letter outlines our safety enhanhancements. For example, our office utilizes a sophisticated water purification system that includes reverse osmosis and UV light to sanitize and purify our dental waterlines. It is a closed system that helps to reduce sediment, chlorine, odors, cryptosporidium & giardia. The Ultraviolet disinfection also helps to reduce 99.9% viable bacteria that are usually in a typical municipal water line. This purified water is used in our sterilization equipment, washing systems, ultrasonic cleaners, and our autoclave units. Purified water not only helps to prolong the life of our equipments, but also makes great tasting drinking water.

Virtual Consultations

We are excited to add Teledentistry to our practice. So, what is Teledentistry?

TELEDENTISTRY uses today’s technologies to allow patients to connect with their dentist without the need for an in-office visit. In a virtual call, your dentist connects with your laptop, tablet or smart phone, diagnoses your problem and gets you started feeling better quickly, which may include an e-script for an antibiotic and/or non-narcotic pain medication. If needed, an urgent dental appointment will be scheduled.

Other Measures

We continually monitor and follow the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, CDA and ADA. We even exceed some of the recommendations by these organization to include: